Can we Record Live TV Program on DD Direct Plus?

Yes, it is Very good question, because so many calls, we are receiving that “can we record live TV  programs".

For Record Live TV Programs, you will have to purchase Set-Top Box with recording facility.

At this time all DTH Providers proving set-top box with recording facility but there are some restrictions. You can record programs and you can watch only in Set-Top box. You cannot watch recorded programs to Laptop and computers.

But DD Direct Plus users can do this, you can purchase given below set-top box for record programs:

1- Solid HDS2-9300 Satellite Receiver
2- Solid Mstar 9030 Satellite Receiver
3- Solid HDS2-2100 Set-Top Box
4- Solid BS2 MPEG-4 Receiver
5- Solid 740HD with YouTube

Solid Company launched these receivers for recording purpose; these receivers are also in High Definition so you can connect your LCD / LED TV. You can also attached 500GB Hard disk with these receivers.

These set-top easily available online.

At this time DD Direct Plus providing 59 Channels with including private channels.

Featured private channels are:

1. Cinema TV (Movie Channel)
2. B4u Movies (Movie Channel)
3. Enter10     (Movie Channel)
4. Dangal TV (Hindi General Entertainment Channel)
5. Dabang TV (Hindi General Entertainment Channel)
6. BIG Magic   (Hindi General Entertainment Channel)
7. 9x         (Hindi General Entertainment Channel)
8. Zee Smile   (Hindi General Entertainment Channel)
9. Star Utsav      (Hindi General Entertainment Channel)
10. B4u Music      (Hindi Music Channel)
11. ETC Bollywood  ( Hindi Music Channel)
12. WOI TV           (Hindi Music Channel)

Some other channels are also available, you can check complete channel list from here.

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