ABC International TV Channel now available on dd direct dth Platform, This channel replaced by Rishtey TV and Rishtey TV replaced with Gyandarshan-2 Channel. It Means Gyandarshan-2 has been removed from dd direct dth.


Lynley Marshall has already signed deal. By this deal now Indian peoples can also watch about Australian culture, news and history etc. Although this channel is already broadcasting in about 40 countries across Asia. At this time DD Direct DTH carrying 59 TV channels which would be increase by December 2014.

ABC International TV now in india

By this October 30, 2014 DD Direct Plus already going to be remove channel which are not renewing their subscriptions. 

This Channel available on given below frequency:

LNB Frequency - 09750
Transponder - 11490
Symbol Rate - 27500
Pol.               - V
22Khz   - Off

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