DVB-T2 is a advance form of DVB-T, At this time Prasar bharti using DVB-T service for Doordarshan's two channels; DD News and DD National channel. DVB-T2 is very advance technology for Mobile TV, HDTV, SDTV and other broadcasting services. According to DD India website DVB-T2 Gateways are going to install following 23 locations of India.

List of DD Locations for Supply of DVB-T2 Gateway System
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Here is some technology which is use for :

DVB-T2  / DVB-T                      -  for Laptop, Computer, TV
DVB-H                                        -   for Mobile, Tablet
DVB-S / DVB-S2/DVB-S2X      - For Satellite TV (DTH etc)

List of DD Locations for Supply of DVB-T2 Gateway System:

North Zone:

1. Delhi (HDTV)
2. Delhi (SDTV)
3. Lucknow (SDTV)
4. Jallandhar (SDTV)
5. Srinagar (SDTV)

West Zone:

1. Mumbai (HDTV)
2. Mumbai (SDTV)
3. Ahmedabad (SDTV)
4. Bhopal (SDTV)
5. Raipur (SDTV)
6. Indore (SDTV)
7. Aurangabad (SDTV)

East Zone:

 1. Kolkata (HDTV)
2. Kolkata (SDTV)
3. Patna (SDTV)
4. Ranchi (SDTV)
5. Guwahati (SDTV)
6. Cuttack (SDTV)

South Zone:

1. Chennai (HDTV)
2. Chennai (SDTV)
3. Bangalore (SDTV)
4. Hyderabad (SDTV)
5. Trivandrum (SDTV)

Total Locations 23

Updated on 13th November 2014