Digital Terrestrial Television, or DTT, is a new technology that will replace
analogue terrestrial television. DTT is a way of Transmitting digital signals – pictures
and sound- to an aerial and it occupies less RF Spectrum than an analogue signal.
With a single DTT, number of TV and Radio Channels can be relayed.

What is (Digital Terrestrial Television)  DTT?


 A box on the viewer’s TV set, known as a set-top box, decodes the digital signal received by the
aerial so that it can be watched on TV Set. It is spectral and energy efficient compared
to analog Transmitter. DTT is a transition in broadcasting technology like in past there
was transition from Black & White to Color TV and it provides new features to the
end users. India has adopted DVB T2 Standard for DTT, as it has highest data rate,
flexible and robust among all standards.

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