What type of Receiver can receive Doordarshan Digital Terrestrial Television Signals? 

It is very easy to receive Doordarshan Digital Terrestrial Television signals. The DTT signals can be received in Fixed, Portable and mobile mode. Thus the DTT signals may
be received in Laptop, tablets, Fixed TV and TV receivers and T2 Radio Receivers in fixed and in moving vehicles.
The coverage area of DTT depends on Transmitter RF Parameters and terrain condition around the Transmitter site and receiving site. Generally DTT signal with 6 kW RF Power will reach in a radius of about 70 Kms around the Transmitter.


The following picture gives a glimpse of receiving equipment's:- 

Note: The STB for DVB T2 is different from cable TV DVB T2 Set-Top Box, which should be capable to decode MPEG 4 signals. 

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