Australia Plus channel Removed and TEST 316 added in dd direct dth DTH on 3rd August 2016

Australia Plus is the new online and mobile home of top quality Australian content from Australia's best content makers - Australia Plus Television, ABC Radio Australia and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
Australia Plus channel replaced with ABC International in dd direct dth

Australia Plus TV channel explains the culture, life and society of Australia, as well as curating the best content from a variety of media partners in Asia and the Pacific to showcase the best of the region in multiple languages.

A+ Channel was available on dd direct dth at given below frequency but now TEST 316 showing.

Here is frequency :
Frequency: 11490
S R: 27500
FEC: 3/4
Polarity: V

See updated DD Direct Plus TV channel list after remove this channel.

Australia Plus is produced by the ABC and is part of ABC International along with Australia Plus TV, Radio Australia and ABC International Development.

Australia Plus also offers bilingual English Language learning, stories about and from our region in the languages of Asia and the Pacific and encourages audience contribution through the sharing of thoughts, ideas, cultural perspectives and points of view.

The ABC is Australia's national public broadcaster, providing television, radio, online and mobile services throughout Australia and overseas.

Source: A+ TV channel