dd direct dth going to change its frequencies on 9th January Midnight. So on morning 10th January you have to rescan or re-tune your set-top box to get all channels. After this migration you will get 64 TV Channels and 24 Radio channels. It means you will get 5 extra TV channels and 2 extra radio channels.
New Frequency Details of dd direct dth (DD Direct Plus)

You can check its all frequency details:

Old dd direct dth down linking Details: 

Frequency     Symbol Rate      Polarity
10990              27500                   V
11070              27500                   V
11150              27500                   V
11570              27500                   V

New dd direct dth Down linking Details:

Frequency      Symbol Rate       Polarity
10990              28500                   V
11070              28500                   V
11150              28500                   V
11570              28500                   V
11110              30000                   V (Supportable by only via MPEG-4 Set-top Box)

"Viewers/Subscribers who do not rescan their Set Top Box shall continue to get only 10 Channels for a period of seven days only, from the date of upgradation. Out of these ten channels, one channel is an informative channel which will show detailed procedure for returning the Set Top Boxes," the statement said.

Question: How many channels would be increase after migrate dd direct dth Platform?
Answer: According to latest information of DD India site official total 5 TV channels and 2 radio channels would be increase in MPEG-2 format.

Question: Is there any installation or set-up required after this migration?
Answer: Yes, you have to retune or re-scan your set-top box because after DTH platform migration, down linking information would be change. You can scan your set-top box by Blind Scan.

Question: Should I change my Set-top Box with any new one?
Answer: No, You no need to change your set-top box; you just need to blind scan only. At this time dd direct dth testing MPEG-4 channels, at this time there is no live channel on MPEG-4 slot. So you can use same box.

Question: My Set-top box is not supporting Blind Scan, What should I do ?
Answer: If your current set-top box is not supporting Blind scan system then you can fill this technical information by provided frequencies details above.

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