NEW DELHI / Doordarshan and All India Radio (AIR) have spent Rs 206.95 crore (Rs 2.07 billion) for digitisation and adoption of new technologies in the fiscal ended 31 March 2016.
This means that Rs 189.68 crore (Rs 1.9 billion) was unspent as the government had allocated Rs 396.63 crore (Rs 3.97 billion) for the modernisation and upgrade of Doordarshan and AIR in FY16.
DD spent Rs 69.70 crore (Rs 697 million) and AIR Rs 137.25 crore (Rs 1.37 billion) out of the allocated amount during the financial year. The figures are on a provisional basis.
DD and AIR spent Rs 206.95 cr for modernisation in FY16

DD could have spent Rs 121.8 crore (Rs 1.22 billion) more as it was allocated Rs 191.50 crore (Rs 1.92 billion) for its modernisation and upgrade in FY16. Similarly, AIR had Rs 67.88 crore (Rs 678.8 million) unspent as it was allocated Rs 205.13 crore (Rs 2.05 billion).
During 2014–15, AIR and DD were allocated Rs 188.65 crore (Rs 1.89 billion) and Rs 155 crore (Rs 1.55 billion) while the actual spends were much higher at Rs 209.82 crore (Rs 2.1 billion) and Rs 153.37 crore (Rs 1.53 billion) respectively.

While in FY 2013–14 the government had allocated Rs 142.13 crore (Rs 1.42 billion) to AIR and Rs 156.01 crore (Rs 1.56 billion) to DD, the two organisations had spent Rs 169.35 crore (Rs 1.7 billion) and Rs 159.81 crore (Rs 1.6 billion) respectively. Responding to a question, Information & Broadcasting (I&B) Minister Arun Jaitley said in the Lok Sabha that the modernisation/upgrade of AIR and DD is a continuous process and that schemes in this regard are formulated and implemented from time to time.
 The modernisation/upgrade plan covers a broad spectrum, which, inter alia, includes digitalisation, adoption of new technologies on a par with international standards, replacement of ageing equipment and upgrade

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